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X-Files: season 1.00 - The Pilot

Tonight I put The X-Files: Ultimate Set to use and started The X-Files comprehensive rewatch challenge - rewatching all episodes in the consecutive order plus the first film by July 25, 2008 (the release date of the second movie):

1. 00 The Pilot
I haven't seen "The Pilot" for at least 7 years, possibly longer. Watching it tonight made me realize how wonderful The X-Files was and how much I miss watching Spooky Fox Mulder and Debunking Dana Scully.

A realization also set in that at the start of the series Gillian Anderson, and Scully as well, is only a year older than I am now. The kind of things that are ahead of both of them - the paranormal for Scully and the paranormal success for the actress - are probably way beyond what's in store for me.

David Duchovny tends to overact in a few of his desperate monologues to Scully, but for a pilot of a series the acting is superb all around. Particularly impressive is Gillian Anderson's acting, who was a newbie at acting (with only a few projects to her name and definitely none of them near the scope of the phenomenon that XF would become).

Furthermore, the script is fresh and clever and filled with memorable one-liners and quick-witted replies: "Scully: Who is it? Mulder: Steven Spielberg," "Scully: You're saying that, that time disappeared. Time can't just disappear, it's, it's, it's a universal invariant! Mulder: Not in this zipcode." And who can forget Mulder's retort: "That's why they put the "eye" in the F.B.I."?

The first episode pulls the audience right into the show and with a focused gravitation towards its principals. "The Pilot" leaves many questions unanswered, but provides substantial evidence for one thing - The X-Files was, and will always be, pure magic.
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